When setting out on the journey towards your dream home, you may stop to wonder where do we begin? 
Like most successful projects, the creation of a beautiful, functional home requires a multitude of professions and trades driven by strong project leadership. But who do you talk to first, and how do you go about bringing the right team together?

Welcome to MAEK.

We are a collective of internationally awarded architects, top level design and planning management, and first class construction and interiors specialists. We work cohesively from the start of every project to curate every detail of your new home. Imagine the boundary line of your property; we bring together just the right people to create everything to go within it. No need for you to outsource trade after trade; from architectural design to lighting and automation, furnishing selections, to landscaping and reticulation, MAEK can handle it all. We can even provide you with invaluable advice before purchasing a property. MAEK will journey by your side throughout the entire design and construction of your new home, and our collective of specialists are available to you to provide expert advice every step of the way.

Although most are drawn to MAEK after seeing the homes we've created, it's the detail behind the scenes that truly sets us apart from everyone else – our unwavering commitment to detail, an unprecedented quality of finishes, our strong leadership, meticulous work on all of our building sites and our finely honed time and
budget management skills.

MAEK prides itself on delivering truly unique homes. We seek out new materials and techniques, and if we can’t find them, we create them ourselves. We don’t believe in working within industry standards, we set new ones. And whilst our clients may not know their ideal design at the time of briefing, they are intrinsic to unlocking the unique design they will truly fall in love with. We then go about creating the home that their friends and family won’t be able to stop talking about.