At MAEK, we are experienced in the delivery of highly complex homes on some of Perth’s most challenging building sites, and our clients can rest assured knowing that their project is being handled by capable professionals with decades of experience. Whether it’s a difficultly placed cliff side home, or one that requires state-of-the-art systems and technologies, MAEK possesses the connections and expertise to deliver the solution.

Make the most of your property, your time and your budget.

Every residential block is different, and our intricate knowledge of how to best maximise a site is reflected in the number of times a pre-designed project has come to MAEK and ultimately been redesigned by our technical team to take better advantage of the site. In each case, despite the additional costs for redesign, we have still been able to deliver large savings to our clients by making these changes.

On the other hand, those who have custom designed with MAEK from the outset have realised the huge benefits in our complete Design + Build process, where our team have been able to maximise the use of their property while seriously saving on time and money.

Build with only the best.

When tackling complex tasks, we believe it’s vital to only use the best people for the job. In fact, this is our philosophy throughout the entire building process, from structural engineering and geotechnical site analysis, to automation and security, plastering, painting and carpentry. This may not always make MAEK the cheapest, but you’ll know that the job will be done properly, and that we are always working towards the same goal:

To achieve the most beautiful, highest quality and longest lasting result for you.