1.  How long will it be until we can move in?

MAEK is known for its speed of delivery, and we have designed and built several homes within 18 month timeframes, some builds within 12 months. However, this really depends on the client and their own requirements. The design process needs to be organic to get the best results, so although we are efficient and very attentive, it is never rushed. 


2.  We are looking at purchasing a property and need someone to look at what can be done with it. Can you help us?

We sure can. We often carry out feasibility work for clients to assist with the purchasing process, which can help significantly in the negotiation and decision making process.


3.  Do you do alterations and additions or just new work?

Absolutely.  We have been awarded for our alterations and additions work, both in the Building and Design spaces. One of our projects recently won a highly prestigious National Design Award. Alteration and addition work requires a high degree of skill and building knowledge, so with the MAEK team you are in good hands.


4.  Are you experienced in heritage and restoration works?

As a matter of fact we are. We have been privileged to work on some of the country’s finest old homes, including a special project in Western Victoria. Some dating back as far as the 1850’s. We have the trades and expertise to warrant our reputation in this field.


5.  Some of our friends have had their dream homes completely designed, only to find that the market pricing is significantly different to their budget expectations. They wasted 15% of the value of their home and 2 years of their life. It was very distressing to them. How do we know that this won’t happen to us? 

A key advantage of working with MAEK is that our Construction Manager is involved with Design from the outset to identify any risks on your site, and to provide cost estimates at regular intervals to ensure that the house you are spending so much time designing will be able to be brought to fruition. The “traditional approach” that some designers promote requires the design to be 100% complete (10-15% of the expected building price) prior to costings being confirmed.


6.  What do we do if there is something we need after our home is finished?

We have a small works department to service our existing clients with any new or maintenance works they wish to have arranged.


7.  Who has creative influences on your work?

Our director has worked with the some of the most respected Architects and Interior Designers internationally and in the Australian contemporary space. Some notable inclusions being Foster and Partners (London) and Christian Liagre (Paris).


8.  What is that shade cloth with the ivy print that you use on your site fences as I would like to use get some for my own place/project?

This is a custom product designed by MAEK. We developed this as a way to make our sites more visually attractive and complimentary to the neighbourhoods that we operate in. It has been very well-received by our site neighbours, councils and clients and has now become a part of our brand identity.