Since 2009, MAEK has become synonymous with first class living in Perth, creating homes that are intelligently resolved, elegantly restrained and built to the absolute highest standard. 

With each new project, talent is harnessed from Perth and beyond to collaborate in creating a residence that will be truly one of a kind. From design and construction, to interiors and landscaping, our process is seamless and centrally managed by top tier professionals.

Our belief is that a home can create a whole new way of life and state-of-mind for its occupants. Framing their worlds and creating the epicentre for their being with spaces that are luxurious, considered, beautiful and functional.


Have your home custom designed by experienced designers and builders who work cohesively as one team from the outset to ensure aesthetics are going to marry with functionality and budget. 

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Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your home is being built robustly by a company with rare and sophisticated construction experience. MAEK can also add significant value to your project by maximising the use of a site, while saving time and money.



From landscaping to custom designed furnishings, or sourcing fine art and one-off pieces from around the world, MAEK can curate every detail of your new home.

are you looking to design your new home?

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