Established in 2009, MAEK is a Perth-based team of design and building experts who work in unison to deliver extraordinary new homes. We offer a seamless DESIGN+BUILD service to clients where we manage the entire process from start to finish. This style of delivery brings intelligence and efficiency to a project, and creates incredible opportunities to save time and money.
On other projects we are called upon for our sophisticated building knowledge to bring others' designs to life with superb finishes like no other.

Curating every detail of your custom home.

Imagine the boundary line of your property; MAEK can bring together just the right people to create everything to go within it. The entire design-build process, from architecture to lighting and automation, interior design down to landscaping - MAEK is able to curate every detail. We can even provide you with invaluable advice while you're deciding to purchase a property. 

Unrivalled construction capability.

MAEK is experienced in building highly sophisticated homes on some of Perth’s most challenging building sites, giving clients the confidence that they're in capable hands. Whether it’s a difficultly placed cliff side residence, or a home which requires state-of-the-art systems and technologies, MAEK has the knowledge to deliver the solution.
We are proactive about putting to use our knowledge of building to add value to a project, for example, suggesting subtle design changes which can maximise the use of the site while also saving time and money, without compromising on quality or aesthetics.

What we stand for.

It's not just what you can see on the outside of a MAEK home, it's also the detail behind the scenes that truly sets us apart from everyone else – our unwavering commitment to detail, an unprecedented quality of finishes, our strong leadership, meticulously tidy work on all of our building sites and our razor sharp time and budget management skills.

When tackling complex tasks, we believe it’s vital to only use the best people for the job. In fact, this is our philosophy throughout the entire building process, from structural engineering and geotechnical site analysis, to automation and security, plastering, painting and carpentry. This may not always make MAEK the cheapest, but you’ll know that the job will be done properly, and that we are always working towards the same goal: To achieve the highest quality, most beautiful and longest lasting result for you.

MAEK prides itself on delivering truly unique homes. We seek out new materials and techniques, and if we can’t find them, we create them ourselves. We don’t believe in working within industry standards, we set new ones. And whilst our clients may not know their ideal design at the time of briefing, they are intrinsic to unlocking the unique design they will truly fall in love with. We then go about creating the home that their friends and family won’t be able to stop talking about.