designing your new home with maek

At MAEK our mission statement is “it’s a good story”.  We believe that every project is more than a building: it is your home where you will spend years with your family and loved ones creating irreplaceable memories. It is important to us that your build delivers exactly what you hope for, and at every step of the way we work with you to achieve this, to deliver a good story that is uniquely yours.

The first chapter in your story is to meet with our Director at our MAEK Cottesloe studio to discuss your project. If you decide that we can meet with all of your requirements, we will then work together to craft a completley unique design that directly responds to your lifestyle with the help of an award-winning design team. 

Your Construction Manager will also be closely involved in the design process to provide invaluable technical expertise during this phase and ensure that the creative concept is efficiently designed. Whilst the design must be beautiful and delight its occupants, it must also stand up robustly and withstand the test of time. 

a collaborative approach

At MAEK, the creative design experts are working together with the construction and project management experts from the outset of a project. This ensures that our designs translate not only into both beautiful and functional spaces, but you will also know the time scale and cost of your project at an early stage.

There is more to designing a home today than beautiful architecture alone. At MAEK, you will have the MAEK Design Collective by your side during the design process and throughout the construction phase. From interior design, lighting design and landscape architecture, to the more technical aspects, such as heating and cooling, energy efficiency, structural engineering and home automation technologies.

And by having input from a number of creative experts, our homes have a unique and balanced look about them and are not one dimensional in their design, something that is seen in all of the homes we create.

Time and time again we see the immense value in team collaboration, from the great relationships we develop with one another, to our clients loving the building process. And of course, the results.